We Are Teaching High School Students to Write Terribly

The many problems of the SAT's essay section.

By Matthew J.X. Malady

This past Saturday, several hundred thousand prospective college students filed into schools across the United States and more than 170 other countries to take the SAT—$51 registration fees paid, No. 2 pencils sharpened, acceptable calculators at the ready. And as part of the three-hour-and-45–minute ritual, each person taking the 87-year-old test spent 25 minutes drafting a prompt-based essay for the exam's writing section.

No, they’re not on drugs: Business leaders who embrace early childhood education

Brian Maher stood at a podium in front of a sold-out crowd at the august U.S. Chamber of Commerce building across from the White House Wednesday morning and started in on a big speech on: early childhood education.

Proposed Gainful Employment Regulations Are Smart for Students, Taxpayers

This week is round two of negotiated rule making on the Department of Education's gainful employment proposal, designed to protect students from poor performing career education programs.