Bus Repair & Maintenance

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Your business today demands flexibility, workforce productivity, and satisfied customers. You have to provide on-time delivery, keep your costs down and watch the bottom line. In order to stay competitive, many companies with fleets are choosing to outsource their maintenance needs.

We specialize in offering on-site maintenance for medium and heavy duty equipment, including trailers, transit and paratransit fleet, commuter coaches, forklifts, industrial and construction equipment.

Our comprehensive maintenance program allows you to control costs and focus on your core business.

You are in business to deliver value to your customers.. We are in business to keep your fleet moving 24/7 365 days a year, on-road or off-road.

Keeping your fleet properly maintained and in regulatary compliance is essential to your company's image, your brand and your personal reputation.

Combining innovation and experience, we develop adaptive and responsive strategy to ensure your maintenance and business thrives.

MTS International takes Service to a whole new level. In addition to exemplary 24/7 inspection, road and maintenance services, we can store and maintain all of your fleet records electronically, while allowing you complete accessibility.

Keeping your business running strong, using fleet management and maintenance solutions that keep your equipment in service, and your deliveries on time.

MTS International allows you to diminish distractions, cut costs, free up administrative time, and focus on your core business. 

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