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MTS provides Employee/Contractor Shuttles.  For example, during major Refinery turn-arounds, MTS has transported up to 4,000 employees/contractors daily, for periods up to several months. 

One customer recently wrote about:

"how smoothly the buses ran during our last turnaround.  Moving people around the plant was identified as one of the major risks as we headed into the project – and it turned out to be a total non-event. 

I truly appreciate how flexible your folks were when we needed to adjust the number of buses, or the running times – even when there were last minute changes, nobody complained or even flinched – they just made it happen."

Michael's Transportation Service, Inc. (MTS) is ready to help organizations seeking to improve their employee benefits programs and corporate social responsibility efforts through transportation solutions and commuter services.

Whether a daily ride to work or shuttle transportation for meetings, seminars, etc., Michael's Transportation ensures passengers travel safely and comfortably, and arrive at their destination on time.

To learn more about our individual or group transportation services, please call us at 1-800-295-2448.  




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